yearbook entry

I was browsing my mail this morning and I can’t help but smile upon seeing my communications with my classmates regarding class reports and thesis related documents.  I also chanced upon my yearbook entry, which was the one printed in our college yearbook.  I seem to remember the feelings I have when I was creating this entry, which was a little bit of bitterness, anger, regret, wishful thinking and hope.  Somehow I would like to share it here 🙂

10 things I consider my most important learnings in life.

  1. Friends are your most prized possession; they will always be there to keep your sanity in check.
  2. “Follow your heart” comes with a but…, and doesn’t apply for all ages
  3. God is very kind, although sometimes we forget about it during those happy moments
  4. All your life you think you know what you want, but it would just turn out that you’re not so sure
  5. Life is a mystery, only God knows our destiny
  6. Patience is a virtue, really…
  7. Life is just a different version of a telenovela, although the dramas are for real, and no one could say “retake”
  8. Looks are deceiving…
  9. It really takes a lot of effort to be happy, although oftentimes, it the simplest things that are most worthwhile
  10. God is love.  In order to love, one must realize that God’s love is the perfect example, and in loving there is sacrifice, just like God’s sacrifice when He gave His son to die for love.

The story behind the second statement was a bit about forbidden love.  The rest are still the best and most important learnings of my life until now.



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