Behind the Scenes of a Pre-nup Shoot

I once had a dream of becoming a photographer (who didn’t? :D) for weddings and pre-nups, having followed blogs of wedding photographers for almost two years.  Anyways, during my vacation, I was able to be part of a pre-nup team (more like a spectator) for my college friend and her fiancé. Me, my college bff and the soon-to-be bride were blockmates in school before they both transferred to a different course. We were also members of a provincial organization, of which I am only an honorary member.

The location they chose is Fully Booked in the Fort and UP Diliman. I wasn’t able to see the shooting in Fully Booked but was there during the shoot at UP Diliman. The concept was a picnic setting but while looking for a perfect location in the lagoon, the photographer saw other locations such as a small hill and trees that look like they’re shielding a walkway. I took pictures as well so let me share it with you 🙂

Chris and Patsy have been together for almost 8 years if I’m not mistaken. I got to hear their story the way they narate it for the videographer and I was amazed at the uniqueness of it all. Back in the days when internet and social networking sites were still considered a liesure instead of a common thing, the couple met through online matchmaking. Although for me, it was really pure destiny that brought these two together. Chris is not a UP alumni, but he was frequently visiting Patsy in UP that he came to ‘love everything about UP’ :). They are more than boyfriend/girlfriend, they are best friends, which is a better foundation for any relationship. I just want to wish them happiness and love and my best wishes for their upcoming wedding <;3


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