Voyage de la Vie

Image‘Life is a journey, not a destination.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Voyage de la vie, translated as “the Journey of Life”, tells the story of a young man (the Boy), trapped in a dreary corporate world, desiring to find meaning and fulfillment of life which leads him to a magical journey of fantasy and imagination in a world beyond ours.  There he will meet extraordinary characters doing breathtaking stunts.  There is no dialogue, except for when the boy was singing in the beginning, middle and end part.  Most of the show highlights circus acts and stunts that would leave you wanting for more.

Having watched Cirque de Soleil Varekai before, I know what to expect upon watching the Voyage de la vie.  While it lacked the extravagance that Cirque de Soleil delivers, this show is still very entertaining and the stunts are also breathtaking.  All the stunts represents a phase of life that man experience in his ongoing journey through life such as love, life, and death.  And at the end of his quest, the Boy finally realizes that to appreciate life, he has to first understand himself.

Voyage de la Vie is on its last 2 weeks of showing in Singapore.

Venue:  Festive Grand Resorts World Sentosa



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