Desaru, Malaysia

Lotus Desaru Resort

November 12-13, 2012

Desaru is a coastal resort town located in Southeastern Johor, in Malaysia.  It is about 45 minutes away from Johor Bahru via the Senai-Desaru Expressway, and about 1 hour 30 minutes away from Singapore (via car).  There are travel agencies offering day trips/tour to this place.  Malaysia is a lot similar to my country in a way that there are a lot of wonderful beach resorts that are just tucked around the corner.  Desaru is a great place for family and friends to relax and just enjoy the beach and other many activities that you can choose from.  (

On Deepavali holiday, we went to Desaru for an overnight stay.  We stayed in Lotus Desaru Resort, which are among one of the luxurious resorts along the 22 km stretch of sand and beach this side of town.  We stayed in a two bedroom suite, and just added an extra bed to accommodate 6 persons.  The resort has a lot of amenities such as water theme park, pool, indoor activities such as table tennis, snooker, beach activities such as banana boat rides, parasailing and a variety of team building activities.  Upon check-in, you are already greeted by warm and friendly staff that would accommodate your every need.  What I love most about this place is the food, and the overly friendly staff (some of the staffs are my ‘kababayans’).  The beach itself is great, although comparable to beaches in Batangas (I’m not trashing the place, this is just for the purpose of reference).  The peak of staying in this place is staying in a very good resort, and Lotus Desaru Resort is a very good place to stay.

decorations in time for the Deepavali holiday


the theme park in between the hotel suites

One of the services they offer in the resort is the ‘Lotus Suria Ayurveda Spa’.  Ayurveda, as I have recently learned, is a traditional medicine which originated in India.  Google research would more often lead you to the therapeutic aspect of this medicine.  I’ve tried the back massage, where first they asked me to remove my top and sit straight on a bench while they pour oil and massage my back ( a bit akward but once you got used to being naked you can relax and enjoy the massage ).  After coating your back with a lot of oil, they asked me to lie face down to continue massaging my back.  It was very relaxing, though the amount of oil they’ve put on me is more that what I’m used to. If you ask me what’s the difference with this massage and any other massage, I would probably say its the oil they used, and the method (first time I was massaged sitting up, although I haven’t tried the full body massage).

As for the food, it was very good.  In celebration of Deepavali, they served buffet dinner of indian dishes. You can also ask the chef to cook noodle dishes such as Char kway Teow on the spot while you are waiting.  I love their version of this noodle dish, it’s less sweet and lighter in color unlike the one that is available here in Singapore, probably because they don’t put sweet sauce or too much soy sauce.  You can also opt for ala carte if you’re not in the mood for buffet.  We weren’t able to wait for the fireworks in leiu of the festivities because we had to get back to Singapore that night, but we were able to glimpse the fireworks on the eve of Deepavali.

might as well Jump! ^-^


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