the King and I

The King and I

Resorts World Manila

December 2, 2012

Before I went MIA on my blog posts last December and early this year, this was the post I was working on. ^_^

‘Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…’

I’m pretty sure most of us know this song even if we’re not aware where it came from.  I’ve been hearing this song when I was younger, mostly during children’s parties and christening.  It turns out that it came from a famous broadway musical, ‘the King and I’.

The King and I is a story about a king of Siam (Thailand), King Mongkut of the 1860s who hires Anna Leonowens, English schoolteacher , in his attempt to bring in Western culture  in his country. Anna is given the task of tutoring the King’s princes and princesses, which is a handful I tell you, given that the King has a lot of concubines aside from his wife.  There was a bit of spat between the king and Anna because of a misunderstanding in their contract agreement, which includes a separate housing to be provided for Anna and her son instead of staying in the palace.  But even then, Anna still considers the King not to be ‘barbaric’, and helped him when the English men heads to Siam to see for themselves proof of his barbarism.  It was amusing to see the transformation of the king from being stiff and aloof to becoming a bit cheerful and affectionate.  There was also a side story about one of the King’s concubine from Burma, Tuptim, who is in love with another person and wants to get away from the palace.

The story is quite interesting actually, because most of it was really based on Siam’s history.  The play will also give way to introduce the firstborn son of King Mongkut, then Prince Chulalongkorn, who would eventually become one of the greatest kings of  Siam.  The part I liked was when the princes and princess sang the popular song ‘Getting to know you’, the kids were so adorable in their Siam costumes.

A lot of different versions of this story has been available before, mostly in theatre, but there was a Hollywood movie adaptation entitled ‘ Anna and the King’ who starred Jodi Foster as Anna, and Tom Felton as her son (remember Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter?).   If you’re into theater, you would definitely love this play.  One thing though, the theater in Resorts World Manila is a bit large compared to a regular theater.  Its seating capacity is double the capacity of, say, CCP.  Anyways, its like watching a movie, so expect to be a bit distracted by people moving about.  But all in all it was a good show for me ^_^

Showing is extended until May 2013. Check out the RW Manila website for more information.

The King and I cast

The King and I cast


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