Philippine Passport Extension Application

I renewed my passport about 7.5 months prior to expiration on the 4th of Feb 2014.  So that meant that I will be able to get my passport on the 16th of August. The 6-month expiration window starts on the 4th of Aug.  I never really bothered after finishing the renewal application because I didn’t have any plans to go out of Singapore. But the bf told me we were going for holiday to Genting on 8th of August. So after paying for all the coach ticket and hotel accommodation, I then remembered that my passport would be invalid on the time of the holiday.  I quickly sent an email to the Philippine Embassy here in Singapore about my situation and the possibility of getting my renewed passport earlier than scheduled and they suggested that I just applied for Passport Extension.


It was fairly easy to apply for extension given that I already renewed my passport. The lady I talked to on the phone said that I should just bring my passport and the collection slip of my new passport and go straight to the embassy (no need to have an appointment).  At the entrance they will direct you to window 8 (same window for Passport Application) and they will give you the application form for extension.  Make sure to have a photocopy of the Passport particulars page and the collection slip and attach it with the extension application form (photocopying services is available inside the embassy).  Then after returning the form, just pay the fee of S34 and give all the related documents (passport/collection slip photocopy and extension application form) to Window 11 where they will ask you to wait for a while.  At first I thought that I would have to leave my passport and just return after two working days to get it back (information I got from the embassy website), but after waiting for about 15 minutes they returned my passport with the extension stamp on the front.  The standard extension will be for 2 years but since I applied under the pretense of having already renewed my passport then they just reminded me to collect the new one on the day of collection.  However, as for other situations such as the need to travel abroad ASAP, they will still require you to apply for renewal first before applying for extension.  Other information are available at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore website, or call them at +65.9715 9293.



A nice lady commented on this post to narrate her experience in extending her Passport. While i’ve mentioned that no appointment is required in passport extension, she said that even though she called in to ask the embassy and they confirmed that she only needs to bring her passport renewal documents and her passport, when she went there they were asking for her appointment. Apparently, those who wish to apply for passport extension needs to make an appointment by email (which wasn’t indicated in the Embassy Website). I will update my post with the email address as soon as possible.

New Update: 

The following is an excerpt from the Embassy website regarding Passport Extension Application (link here):

Extension of Passport validity for Pass renewal and travel

The Embassy can extend the validity of a Philippine passport if the passport holder must make a Pass renewal or make an overseas travel in the immediate future, which cannot be delayed until the time a new passport can be applied for and is delivered.

However, the Embassy will extend a passport’s validity on the condition that the passport holder has made and done the passport renewal at the Embassy.

Requests for passport validity extension can be made to Passport Section with an email titled “Request for passport validity extension” to





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  1. I having a vacation this week but my passport will expired on july 12, im work here in dubai, how is the procedure for extension of my passport? Because I will come back here after 1 month,

    • Hi! you can visit the Philippine Embassy in Dubai to apply for extension. I think the process is the same, it’s easier to apply for extension when you already applied for renewal and just waiting for your renewed passport. You need to ask this asap coz you won’t be able to travel since your passport only has less than a month before expiration. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi, was you old passport non-machine readable (green-colored)? Coz I think they allow the extension only if your passport is of such. Planning to renew the passport but will be traveling in October. Expiry is on Feb 2015. Earliest date for Renewal Appointment is in September. Processing takes at least two months. Thus, it is impossible for me to travel in October. Thinking of applying for Extension rather than renewing it, since extended validity is up to two years anyway.
    To quote: “Please be advised that only non-machine readable (green) passports may be extended. The Embassy cannot extend Machine-Readable and/or e-Passports, nor may it add pages to a passport booklet whose pages have been filled with visas and immigration stamps. Source:

    • Hi. My old passport was the maroon one, machine readable. If you are going to apply for extension in SG they will require u renew ur passport at the same time. The quote still stands for green passports but again i think they will still require u to renew at the same time. If you are going to travel and the appointment schedule would make it impossible for u to get a new one in time for your travel, you can apply for extension first, but i suggest that u also secure an appointment date for renewal so you can show it to the embassy, then you can argue ur situation. Hope this helps.

      • Just to update you and for everyone’s information, I already emailed the embassy and consulted my case. Yeah you are right, they still need to require me to renew and on that same day of renewal, they can perform my validity extension (good thing that I already booked for appointment). But that’s for certain cases only, such as a need to:
        (1) travel abroad; and/or
        (2) renew a work pass in Singapore.

        I think they are very particular of these reasons and may require you some proof to show, like a letter from company, or any document such as plane ticket, booked hotel accommodation, amusement park booking (Legoland, HelloKitty, DisneyLand, etc.). Am I correct Jinkay?

      • I’m not certain as to what kind of proof they would require. But I think it’s clear that they discourage passport extensions for the purpose of avoiding Renewal of Passports. I think the ultimate requirement is that you already applied for renewal. And yes it would probably help if you can show solid evidence that you desperately need the extension during the 2 months waiting period for your new passport. Either way, they can’t actually deny you extension in case of emergency given that you already renewed and you are willing to pay the fee.

      • I didn’t show any proof of my travel by the way. I just showed the claim stub for my new passport and my current passport particulars. Of course I explained to them my situation but they didn’t require any proof.

      • hello po te….panu po kung nakabook na yung ticket kso valid for 2months nlng po july pa po ung passport appointment at extension ng passport ko….ask ko lng po kng makakalabas at makakabalik pb ako d2 sg magkaiba ung expiry date ng passport sa ticket at sa extension by passport ko..tnx po

  3. Do i need to get appointment for extension for passport coz my passport will be expired on 24 feb 2015??? I check the schedule for renewing passport only available oct 13 2014 coz mom dont allow to issued me a working permit if 4 months left…what should i do about this coz my current employer they will be leaving singapore for good on oct.31???

    • Hi maria. For Extension of passport they don’t require appointment. You need to have an appointment for renewing first, then ask them to extend your passport at the same time so that your employer can apply your work permit. However, your time is short from Oct 13 to 31 so I suggest you call them first and ask if they can accomodate your renewal earlier.
      Hope this helps.

  4. hi, i just want o check what are the exact requirements for passport extension. i have resigned from my previous employer this month and my passport is exvpiring on December 2014. obviously, my new company will not be able to apply my new visa unless i have 6 month valid passport. what are the requirements should i bring on in the Embassy. thanks.

    • Hi gary. Based on the website the requirements are photocopy of ur passport details and photocopy of ur ic. Also u must secure an appointment first. As for your case im not sure if they will renew if u dont have an existing pass. You can try to call the embassy about ur situation. Hope this helps.

  5. hello, i just want to ask question.? i am using epassport., is there any chance for extention.? i did renuwal but it really takes time to release and my company cannot make a new visa for me.hope you will help me..Thank you.

  6. hello po, thank you for your response.
    I already renew last oct 14, 2014 and i have to wait for 7-10 weeks for releasing of passport. and i need extension for my epassport of my new visa.
    The expiration is on april2015 but still the company here in dubai cannot process, it shoud be 10 months passport validity.


    • Hi Eden,
      Do the company need to apply for the visa now even if the expiration is still in April 2015? How long does the company need before the expiration of visa before they can actually apply for a new one.? Sorry madaming tanong. hehe. Kasi since maaga pa naman baka they can wait until you get your new passport, saka nila iapply ung new Visa.. I’m not familiar with Dubai Embassy procedures but I think it’s similar to here, you can still apply for extension provided that you can give them a valid reason. You can try to call them and ask them about the possible solution sa situation mo. Kaso lang, let’s say the embassy gave you an extension and your company applied for the Visa, don’t you need to apply for visa again once you get the new passport? Anyways, regarding passport extension, i think it’s possible, just tell them your situation first. Don’t be afraid to ask the Phil. embassy, they will surely want to help you. 🙂 Sana nakatulong ako 🙂

  7. Yes, new visa for my new job. well, the passport validity is 10 months for them to apply a new visa. Salamat miss jinkay for your help and ask phil embassy here. God Bless and thank you very much.

    • Oh it’s for a new Job. I thought it was to renew your existing visa. Anyways, thanks for reading my post. And hopefully all will work out well for you. God bless you too 🙂

  8. Naku.. paano kaya toh.. am waiting for my US Work Petition and I have to leave ASAP. Kaso, my passport will be expiring in 7months. Nakapag e-Appointment na ko. Pero March pa schedule. Baka kasi kapag dumating na yung Petition ko, less than 6 months na lang ang validity. Pwede ba ako pumunta sa embassy then ipakita ko sa kanila yung Petition to prove na I need to extend my passport?

    • Hi Chad,
      May documents ka ba na pwede ipakita sa Embassy that would prove your US Work Petition application? And also, required ba sa petition application yung Passport? You have two options, go there and show any pertinent documents plus your e-Appointment schedule and explain them your situation. OR go there after mo makuha ung petition then apply for passport extension. I think the last one is the most possible na magrantan ng extension. The extension can be done naman right away, I got mine on the same day. Are you in Singapore ba? You can call them now just to make sure para di ka na magahol sa oras once you get your Petition.
      Hope this helps.

      • Hi Jinkay, Thanks for the advice. Yes, sa Singapore po ako. Been calling them. Answering machine lang ang sumasagot. Then after 2 rounds of playing the answering machine, biglang magpeplay yung “please hang up”. Yung nga, hintaying ko na lang yung Petition muna. THanks po!

  9. Hi, ask ko lang po may passport will expire on July 25, 2015 tapos nakapaappointment na ako for renewal kaso sa February 23 pa, but I need to go home and I already booked my flight on February 3. I think my passport is exactly 6 months right? So can I travel with it or need ko talaga ipaextend? Please help po. I’ve been calling the Embassy in SG kasi since morning till 5pm ring lang ng ring walang sumasagot or kaya nakaengaged na.

    • Hi Rexy, yung 6 month window mo is January 25. So di na siya valid if umuwi ka ng Feb 3. I think you can just go there sa embassy and apply for extension. Tpos pakita mo ung tickets mo na uuwi ka and ung appointment schedule. I’m not sure though if irerequire ka nila irenew ung passport mo sa pinas bago ka bumalik or you can still go through with your Feb 23 renewal appointment.

      • I see. Thanks po. I’ll be there only for 10 days. Do you think they will grant my extension even it’s not for emergency?

      • Hmmm more likely yes. Pakita mo nalang ung round trip tickets. Saka malamang ippush nila na magrenew ka parin ng appointment. I think lately di ata sila macontact, so you’ll have to go there to ask..

  10. Okay. Thank you po. I’m going there tomorrow n bring the papers u suggested to bring. I hope everything will be smooth as I’m very anxious. 🙂

  11. hi matanong kolang po..ang passport ko po maexpired na ngayun appril 15, uuwe po ako ng febuary 25,2015.pwede paba ako makauwe sa pinas?o kailangan ko muna i extend ang old passport ko?at anu poba ang requirement sa extencions ng passport

    • Hi, 6 months or more before expiration lang valid ang passport. In your case, paso na ung 6 months so kelangan mo na mgrenew ng passport, yun ang unang requirement ng embassy bago ka makakapag apply ng extension. Nagrenew ka na ba? Or nakakuha na ng appointment date for renewal?

  12. daisy.. my e-passport will expire on july 5, 2015, im currently here in saudi and planning an exit to dubai, definitely i cant ue my passport to travel since its less than 6 months validity right.. do u think i can apply for an extension but going to renew it in dubai..and ilang months ung extension n bnbgay nila? thanks

    • Hi daisy!
      When are you exiting to dubai? Do you already have tickets? If di ka naman kelangan umexit right away, pwede mo itry mgrenew na. If you don’t have time to do that, then try to go to the embassy and bring your tickets and other documents that would support the need for you to exit to Dubai. 2 years ung extension normally, altho mas maganda parin if you just renew your passport right away.
      Hope this helps 🙂

      • thanks..well unfortunately mam wala pa akong exit visa nor a plane ticket right now..although im hoping na this feb mabigay na skin..klangan q kc mgavail ng visa from dubai kya gusto q my extension ung validity ng passport q u think iggrant nila ung request for extension q and ppwde kya sa dubai n aq mgpa appoinment ng renewal f ever this feb aq mka exit?

      • ahh so you need a valid passport to get the visa before you can exit to dubai? Naku dear, di ko kasi masyadong alam ang patakaran sa Saudi/Dubai. Pero i have a feeling na irerequire ka nila mgrenew ng passport first bago mo magawa lahat ng plans mo. You can always try to ask the embassy if pwede ka nila igrant ng passport extension and show them any documents you have to support that. Itry mo muna. Then if they say na kelangan mo muna mgrenew, then mgrenew. Bago ka pumunta mgsecure ka na muna ng appointment date for renewal. Tapos sabihin mo wala nang enough time kung kelangan by Feb ka mgexit to dubai. And hope maintindihan nila.

      • thank you.. oo nga since la pa aq supporting docu bka i require tlga aq for renewal.. uhmm f ever they grant me for extension do u think they will allow me to renew it in dubai? is that possible ? bka kc mtagal pa ung release ng new passport and wat if mbgyan n aq ng exit visa dito by feb..aun..

  13. Hi po tatanong ko lang about sa extension ng validity ng passport ko.. Patapos na kasi po ang visa ko ng april 15 tpos po exprd na ang passport ko ng may 17 2015..pero nagpsched nko ng renewal ng april 29.. Papayagan kaya akong mag extend ng validity ng passort ko?

    • hi Shamemi. so kelangan mo na irenew ung visa mo muna, kaso di na pwede dahil wala nang 6 months before expiration yung passport mo. Siguro if you show to the embassy any documents ng renewal of visa mo maybe they can grant you passport extension. Di po ako sure eh, mas maganda if pumunta kayo ng embassy to confirm.

  14. Hi mam, ask ko lng po ma-expire po kasi ng oct. 15 this year ung passport ko, but i haven’t set an appointment sa embassy po dito sa singapore, pero my friend po kasi ako ng ngpa-appointment na sya this april 20, 2015, pero gusto nya pong ipacancel ung appoinment nya kasi August 2016 p nman po ung expiration ng sa kanya. if possible po ba na instead na ipacancel nya is ako nlng ung pumalit sa appointment nya? I tried to call the embassy pero wala pong number nila about passport issue.

    and i more thing pa po, mag vacation po kasi ako sa pinas ng april 6-19, i’m planning po n dun nlng kaya ako mgpaapointment for renewal. but i’m worried coz it takes 7-10 days po ung rush, baka po kasi magkadelay and there’s 1 holiday po during my stay. what should i do mam? hope you could help me po.. thanks a lot 🙂

    • Hi Joyce,
      1st question: kelangan ikaw ang nakapangalan sa appointment ng passport renewal. Kasi kelangan mo iprint at ipakita yung appointment letter.
      2nd: if halimbawa makuha mo ung appointment na april 20, eh less than 6 months nalang ung passport mo by the time na bumalik ka ng sg (19 april). Either bago ka umuwi ng pinas ka magrenew OR sa pinas ka magrenew. 2 weeks ka naman sa pinas so may time ka to apply for a new one. Ipick up mo nalang para sure na makuha mo. Magrenew ka nalang agad pagdating mo pinas. I’m not sure if kelangan ng appointment sa renewal sa pinas, check mo nalang din.

      • Hi Joyce,
        Naku oo nga noh, kakapusin ka ng 10 days if working days lang. Hmmm.. Mejo tricky ito. Di ba talaga macontact yung embassy dito? Ang isa pang masusuggest ko ay itry mo mgpaappointment dito, (para makuha mo ung schedule nung friend mo, ipacancel mo sa knya tpos after niya icancel book mo agad pg naging available). Nacheck ko sa online booking eh July na ung available, so mejo malabo ka makakuha ng bago umuwi. After mo magkaron ng appointment letter, iprint mo siya at pumunta ka sa Embassy to extend your passport, isama mo na ung ticket mo pauwi para makita nila na kelangan mo maextend ung passport mo (sabihin mo nalang ung situation mo sa embassy). Hopefully mabigyan ka nila ng extension.

        May kakilala ba kayo sa DFA sa pilipinas? 🙂 If meron, okay lang din na sa pinas ka mgparenew, pakiusapan mo nalang na madaliin nila. Another option lang. Altho ang best bet ko is paappointment ka, punta ka embassy dito tpos pakita mo lahat ng documents na binanggit ko.
        Sana makatulong.

  15. Hello Jinkay! Nag eextend naman sila ng e-passport as long as nakapag renew na ng passport dba? On the way na kasi ung passport(narenew ko na last jan.30) ko kaso mukhang di aabot sa expected date ko which is april 17 dahil aalis ako papuntang newyork ng april 21-24. ina.upgrade daw ung system ng DFA so it’ll take twice as much as the original waiting time (orig waiting time: 6-8weeks) . *hopenot *crossingfingers. My question is e.coconsider kaya nila e.extend ung passport ko kahit na e-passport? I have the roundtrip tickets na. Btw, i am a US permanent resident. I am travelling from canada-newyork through philippine airlines. Usually, the canadian border doesn’t need my passport pag nag ddrive ako from seattle, wa-vancouver,bc i just show them my greencard , since i am taking the plane PAL needs my passport as proof of my citizenship. Natatakot lang ako kasi e-passport na ung passport ko. Baka hindi nila payagan.

    • Hi Reina. Given your circumstances i think na dapat igrant naman nila ung request mo for passport extension. Possible naman ung epassport na maextend. Iexplain mo nalang sa embassy yung situation mo. Saka considering na yung delay is their fault they should be able to give you the best options.

    • Hi Zelskieh,
      ang passport extension ay valid for 2 years. pero requirement na mgrenew ka muna nang passport bago ka mabigyan ng extension, depende sa situation mo (need to travel asap, need to renew visa asap, etc.)

  16. Hi. I have an on-going passport renewal but the release date (May 27) is later than expiry of my S Pass (May 12). PH embassy provided me with a letter addressed to MOM stating that I have an on-going passport renewal, and to consider processing my work permit. However, I am a bit worried that showing this letter might cause me trouble upon my S Pass Renewal. Have you heard anyone using this letter before? I wonder if it actually works. Now I am thinking to extended my passport to save myself from any trouble. But do I need to get another online appointment, or I can just go directly to the embassy with my collection slip and tell them I’m going to have my passport extended? Thank you.

    • On the day I was renewing my passport, by the way, I was already advised to have it extended. But I asked if there’s another way aside from extension, so they issued me the letter to MOM and said that if MOM won’t accept it, I will really have to apply for extension. But now the time has come to renew my S Pass, I’m getting worried, lol. I honestly don’t want my passport to be extended because the front cover is a bit detached (but not really obvious).

      • Hi Jennifer,
        Hmm since the first suggestion of the embassy is to have an extension, then you can do that. You can also ask your HR first about the best option because if you renew your pass using your old extended passport, they might also need renew again once you get your new passport (or just update the date, I’m, not so sure). Either way, the MOM still need to acknowledge the pass renewal.
        You don’t need a new online appointment for extension. Just show your collection slip and other details you need to support your reason for extension.

  17. Hi Jinkay,

    Wow. You’re reply is way faster than the embassy’s. lol. I emailed them my concern since I couldn’t go through their phone, and I got an automatic reply that they will look into my query after three working days.

    Anyway, It’s good to know that I can just go directly to the embassy. I think I will wait until the end of this month before doing the extension. Who knows, maybe my renewed passport will arrived earlier than May 27. If not, then I’ll request for extension, and just update my HR once my renewed passport arrives. Thank you!

    • Hi po I’m Marjorie,tanung ko lng po kung pwede po ako mka exit dto s SG kc po ung passport ko expired n itong august 31,2016 dko n po kc irenew kc d nlng din po ako babalik dto,ang uwi ko po kc itong July 29,2016.. Tanung ko lng po kung mka exit pko.. Slamat po

      • Hi Ms Marjorie,
        I found this in the PH Embassy Website:
        Passport nearing expiration and permanently returning to the Philippines
        If the passport is nearing expiration (less than six months validity) and the passport holder will soon return to the Philippines for good, there is no need to apply for a new passport or to extend the validity of the passport.
        Filipinos making one-way travel to the Philippines and whose passport is nearing expiry are allowed to purchase a direct airline trip to the Philippines and to enter the Philippines.
        Hope this helps. 🙂

  18. hello advise po…sa july 3 pa po ung renewal by passport ko at he same time Patti po extension po…problem ko po ngaun binobook na po ng amo ko ticket kaso require po ung expiry ng passport…ask ko po kng makak apekto po ba un kc kc magkaiba po ung expiry ng passport ko ticket ko dun sa extension po…tnx po

    • Hi Jane,
      Sa pgkakaalam ko po, if less that 6 months na ung validity ng passport mo pg ngbook ka ng ticket, di maapprove ung ticket mo dapat kasi required ung 6 months validity. If in case nga nabook na ung ticket, tpos ngpaextension ka ng passport, makakalabas ka parin naman po ng bansa. If ever tinanong bakit mgkaiba, edi sbihin niyo nalang po na nagpaextension ka po ng passport. Pero ayun nga po, di ko sure if makakapgbook kayo ng ticket kung di na pasok sa 6 months ung passport mo on your travel date.

      • tnx po sa reply te.tumawag po Kami embassy knina.nag seek ng advice kung Ilang taon maiibibigay nila n extension.tas sabi nla Depende dw sa Dahilan…sabi sa kanila for holidays lng po then sabi maybe 1yr lng..kya mag assume nlng kmi ng amo ko na 1yr ung extension ko..naibook na nya ticket ko…maybe sabihin ko nlng ung dahilan sa embassy pagdating ng appointment ko pra 1yr lng tlga ibigay na extension

  19. Good day Ms.Jinkay, I have a question po, i am working here in UAE and departing to Phils. on 29th of April for vacation, my passport will expire on Oct.21,2015, and I visited the Phil Embassy here in Abu Dhabi for renewal but they gave me an appointment which is near to my flight kasi fully book daw sila for earlier request so di ako pwde, ask ko lang po kung ok lang ba sa pinas na lang ako magrenew or pde ba extension na lang? as am worried maprocess ba agad kc 40 days lang vacation ko, please sugguest me what can i do?
    Thanks in advnce.

    • Hi Shirley,
      Ang problem kasi is sa April 21 ang 6month validity nung passport mo, so sa april 29 eh less than 6 months nalang siya. Pwede mo naman sabihin sa customs na irerenew mo ung passport mo sa Pinas, pero dko sure if iaallow nila. If may schedule ka na ng renewal of passport before your flight, I suggest na irenew mo na ung passport mo, and on the same day ipaextend mo yung passport mo para wala kang problema sa pg-uwi at pgbalik mo sa UAE. Yun ang first advice ko. Pwede mo naman irisk na umuwi and ayun nga sabihin sa customs ng UAE na irerenew mo yung passport mo pag-uwi mo, pero di ako sure kung papayag sila.
      Hope this helps.

      • Meron lang ako gusto ishare sa nio about process sa Philippine Embassy today. Nagpunta po ako don for requesting for extension of my passport as per advise na din ng nakausap ko from Admin na no appointment needed at dalhin ko lang lang printout ng appointment ko for renewal. My passport will be expiring on Sept 2016, nagschedule na ko ng maaga dahil ayoko mahassle and i got appointment on August 28, 2015. My SPASS will be expiring on August 21, 2015 so kelangan na irenew ng SPASS at di na aabutin ang renewal ng passport. Sinuggest ng HR namin na baka pede ako magapply ng extension ng validity ng passport ng 2 yrs para dun sa application ng pass ko. Tumawag ako sa embassy paano ang process dahil wala nman don sa website ang process. And they advised me pumunta nga sa embassy at dalhin mga needed docs. Then nagpunta ako kanina sa embassy at hinahanapan ako ng appointment for extension. I explained to them na wala naman instruction paano magpaappointment. Then binigyan ako ng papel na nakaindicate na kelangan mo mag email muna sa knila to request for schedule for extension and then you will wait for their reply kung kelan ka daw ischedule. And take note un email address na binigay nila hinde nakaindicate sa website. Nakakainis lang kasi di naman tau magaaksaya ng oras pumunta don, maghalfday tapos wala ka mapapala. Sana aksyunan ng gobyerno ang ginagawa ng mga tao don at wag silang maging pahirap sa mga ofw.

      • Hi Tsay. Aww that’s sad to hear. Mejo incomplete nga ang information nila sa website. And before sabi din sakin na no need for appointment. Thanks sa info, I uupdate ko ung post para sa mga susunod na makakabasa..

  20. Hello! I’ve been trying to google passport extension. Luckily I came across ur blog. I have a greencard and my passport will expire on June 27. We plan to go to Canada July20. Nag iissue pA ba sila ng extension while renewing simultaneously?

    • Hi Shiela,
      Ang main requirement nila nung ngapply ako for extension is that nakapgpa-renew na ako. So yes based on your situation pwede dapat nilang isyuhan ng extension ung passport mo. Nakapgparenew ka na ba and just waiting for the new passport? Just bring all necessary documents sa embassy, although try to contact din sila baka kelangan ng appointment for extension.

  21. hi..ask ko lang po..may renewal sched na ako this June and was thinking of applying for an extension din kasi mageexpire na passport ko on Jan 2016 and plano nmin magbakasyon sa Pinas ng Aug so alanganin question is hindi ba magkakaproblema sa Pinas kung extended lang yung validity?wala na bang kelangan sa immigration or sa iba pa and makakabalik naman ako SG kung sakali?mahirap na kasi ngayon bka magkaaberya pa..salamat!

      • hello po….pa advise tingin nyo po b iallowed ako ng airlines sa flight ko kc magkaiba po ung passport expiry…nilagay po kc ni boss sa passport expiration is July 2016…tas ngaun po ang bnigay ng Phil embassy sa extension by passport ko is Dec 2017…hindi kya ako questionin sa tiger air pag nagkataon

  22. Hi po ano po ba dapat gawin eh matatapos ko na contrata ko sa October 07 2015 so balak ko po umuwi ,at gusto ng amo ko nag magrenew ako ulit ,pero ung passport ko po eh mag e expired na nxt year in this case hindi po namin ma erenew ung working permit ko kung walang 2 years valid ung passport ko di po ba? Tapos check namin sa e passport eh sa November pa may slots so pwede ko po bang e extend ung passport ko?

    • Hi Maricel,
      Pwede po ninyong itry iemail ang embassy regarding sa situation niyo. Kasi ang ruling is makakaapply lang for passport extension IF nakapgpa-renew na ng passport. Sa kaso niyo po, since wala nang available na appointment for renewal before yung end ng contract niyo, baka po magawan nila ng paraan na mkapgrenew kayo, then saka ieextend. Nasa post update ko po ung email na pwede niyo sulatan.

  23. Hi poh…ask q lang poh kung pwede pa extend nlng muna dto pasport q mag expired sa may 17 diz year ..kc uuwi naman aq ng pinas dec so gst q dun nlng I renew…Sa tingin nio poh extend ba nila?tnx poh

    • Hi!
      Ibig mo ba sabihin May 17 next year? Nasa requirement po kasi nila na mgparenew muna bago ka makakapgextend ng passport. Di nila ieextend hanggat di ka pa ngpaparenew.

  24. Hi! I have a leisure travel this coming Tuesday, 27th to Thailand and my passport is expiring on the 18th of April which is less than 6 months if you’ll look at it. Apparently, I overlooked at my passport expiration and be unfortunate enough, it is already a weekend. I only have Monday to go to the embassy, do you think I will be able to go there this Monday and will they approve an extension? As I have work on Tuesday morning, I won’t be able to go in the embassy. Btw, I already made an appointment for renewal but it will still be on December. Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Kathryn,

      Try to call them first and tell them your situation. Or if you can’t contact them and have time today then try to go there and apply for extension. I hope you can settle things before your travel tomorrow.

  25. Hello mam jinkay,

    Ask ko lang po andto po ako sa Doha uuwi po ako ng pinas this Nov 24 pero expiration po ng passport ko Dec 15 2015 anu po b dapat Kong gawin. Please give me advise

  26. Hi!

    Me and my son has expired passports but already have the passport extension….we are flying from Perth to manila and stop over at Singapore… Does check in counters will be okay with that? Really desperate to get answer…. Thanks

  27. Hi! Me and my son has expired passports with extension validity …I got one question that bothering me…. Will it be easy to check in then or they will be okay with extension….thanks

  28. Hi! Jinkay, me and my son has an expired passports but we have the extension validity from Philippine consulate here in Perth and I have a partner visa which I can travel multiple times outside Australia anytime… Do you think it will be easy for me to go back home to Philippines and travel back to Perth after 3 weeks with just passport extension stamp our passports?

    • Hi Josephine,
      So sorry for the delayed response. I don’t think you would have a problem since you have the extension time for you passport (and I’m assuming it’s still valid). However, you might want to consider having your passports renewed as soon as possible. Hope this helps.

    • Hi miss jinkay…good pm po pede po ba tulungan nyo ako sa situation ko ngaun…mag expired po ANG passport by July this year,so ngaun po invite ako ng bf ko punta ng Egypt by this coming March…so mag apply sana ako ng visa for Egypt 1 to 3 weeks po daw ANG proseso…so ngaun may schedule na po ako ng extention ng passport ko by March 2 this year…gusto ko po sana mapaaga makuha ANG extention ng passport ko..anu po ba ANG dapat Kung Gawain I need your help miss jinkay please thank u hanna

      • Hi Dhanna, itry mo icontact ang embassy to request na agahan ung passport extension appointment mo. They will accommodate naman if you explain your situation to them.

  29. Hi maam, im belle working here in singapore, my passport is expiring on 05 aug 2016 and im traveling to karabi thailand this coming feb 13 to 15 2016 which is around 6months of the expiration of my passport do i need to apply for extension,? But i already make an appointment for my renewal of passport that will be on april 21st.

    • Hi Belle, we have the same case eh. By right, 6 months before expiration is Feb 5. So ur travel date is already past the 6 months validity. Siguro iemail mo sila then tell them your situation, and that you already have an appointment for renewal.

  30. hi ms jinkay ask ko lang po. ung passport ko ma expire ng aug 16 ,2016. i had an appointment already on feb 17. My employment visa from my previous employer was cancelled already , now im holding a visit visa here in uae that will expire on march 20 ,2016. Can i apply a passport renewal even i’m on a visit visa and is there a problem if i will exit in uae on march?

    • Hi Merge,
      Will you exit for good na ba? Given your situation, i think the embassy will have to renew your passport kahit na nakavisit visa ka kasi di ka parin makakaalis on March. Pero baka irequire ka na din nila magextend ng passport at the same time. Since may appointment ka na, why don’t you try to ask them anong pwede nila gawin to help you. or pwede mo din irequest na agahan nila ung renewal appointment mo. either way you still have to apply for extension at the same time, i think. Try asking the embassy first. Hope this helps. 😀

  31. Hello PO dto PO AKO sa SG
    Nag Alala PO tlga AKO ma’am kc Ng apply2x PO AKO sa Russia, this coming end of March matatapos n PO kc ung kontrata ko dto ngaun 13 August 2016 eh REQUARMENTZ PO kc nla 24 months valid ung passport PO. Ehh mg expired n kc ung passport ko 10 May 2017 ung PO bang extension passport pwd ko bang magamit kng Yan past ko sa application ko ma’am ung extension passport dto SA Russia embassy nla?
    Habang Ng aantay AKO sa new renewal Ng passport ko? Kc PO 3 months kc ung processing sa Russia,
    Pwd ko LNG magamit ung extension passport once Ma release nla? Thnks you PO

  32. Good day po. Ask ko Lang po Sana about sa email. Nagrereply po ba sila kung kelan Ka pwede pumunta sa embassy for extension? Thanks po

    • Hell PO salamat sa rply ma’am
      Oh sa March 21,2016 PO ung shedule ko PO.
      Nag Alala LNG PO AKO ung PO bang Extension passport ma’am pwd din magamit sa PAG apply?
      Kc kng hintayin ko ps kc new passport ko di Rin kc AKO maka abot sa APLYAN ko. Salamat
      More power Godbless

      • Hi Benchcious,
        About your situation, di kasi ako sure kung papayag ung office na aapplyan mo ng VISA (assuming na sa SG that means MOM) na extended passport ang gamitin. Mabuti pa na iask mo ang Phil Embassy para sure, and baka ibigay nila sayo ng maaga ung passport mo if kelangan na kelangan mo na talaga.
        I think dapat by right pwede ung extended passport mo, since once na may bago ka nang passport pwede mo naman iinform agad ung HR para maupdate nila sa MOM. Pero just to make sure ask mo na din sa embassy.
        Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Hi ma’am jinky salamat PO
        Sa ttxbck nnu.
        Bali mg apply PO kc AKO sa Russia this end Ng March Ma’am ?
        Kc Ng pa shedule AKO sa embassy PO ntin noon April21 kc ung shedule ko tapos aabot pa Yan Minsan Ng 2 months processing d PO ba? Ma end na PO ung contract ko dto PO by 13 August 2016 PO kaya d makahabol PAG d ko extension ung past4 ko PO kaso process Ng Russia good for 2-3 months PO Ma’am Jinky
        Thnks PO talga Godbless
        SG PO kng MKA punta PO AKO itatanong ko PO Thnks PO nag ala2x LNG kc AKO Ma’am
        Thnks po

  33. Hi my in odhel
    My passport need to renew for extention, but my flight is april 7 2016 how is the procedure this. And also my OEC paper not give if not renew my passport. I have only 4 days. Pls help me

  34. Hi ate jinkay, tanong Ko Lang po ung passport Ko kailangan ng irenew Kaya Lang flight ko na Po nitong April 7 2016 , Paano Po ba ang gagawin Ko 4days nalng Po flight Ko na. Help nmn Po pls…. ASAP.

  35. I need to extend my passport for 3months bec my visa expired already on sept.9,2016..but my passport will be expired on jan 2017..we need to my new visa that my passport wilĺ be expired before 6 months..

  36. Hello good afternoon. I will renew my work permit this coming september. And my passport will expire this december. I have also my appionment to renew my passport this coming november. Possible i can renew my passport although my passport is going to expired? Then i go back also philippines this first week of dec. What should i do?

    • Hi Dhes,
      You could try to email the embassy and ask them to reschedule your renewal appointment since you should’ve applied for renewal not less than 6 months before it expires. At the same time while renewing you could also apply for extension of your passport so that it will be valid for your work permit renewal.

      • hi my jhon iam working as barista my employer cancel nearly my passport near to expire by march 2017 there is any by chance that I could have extension if I will find new job offer please let me know as soon possible I need some help…you call mev0506930684 or you can email guys I really need help

      • Hi! Actually in this case I’m not sure although passport extensions are usually for 2 years. You can try to ask the embassy through their email posted in this article. Thanks!

  37. Hi po need ko sana pa extendmuna passport ko kasi mag pro process ako ng visa ko. nka pag set na ako ng appointment pero January pa schedulke ko. i tried to call the embassy pero answering machine lng sya.:( may alam po ba kayong pwde contackin> thannx po

    • Hi! passport renewal usually take 1-2 months pg sa ibang bansa ka kukuha. so if your visit visa is for 2 months then you can try to apply for renewal sa philippine embassy in Dubai. I’m not sure kasi of the rules sa Dubai as it is different from here sa Singapore. Thanks!

  38. Hi there! I live in california. I also applied for a phil passport renewal. I didnt realize the processing time would take so long. So I requested for an extension because I need to travel outside the US earlier than they can release my renewed passport. They put a stamp with the extended validity of one more year. Im gonna travel to taiwan. Did genting accept your passport with the stamped validity?

  39. I have an appointment in embassy on march for renewal of passport, but im planning to switch it to extension of pasport for my renewal of working pass that was end on May 12,2017.and for the month of june, we are travelling to phillipines for holidays. what should i do?do i need to set an appointment for extension of pasport?thank you and god bless

  40. Hello po, pwde p ba ako kumuha ng extension of passport, sa july 5 2017 pa ang expired..but my appointment for renewal ay sa march 7, pa.pwde p kya iyon.need k na kc magrenew ng working pass ko. salamat…

  41. helo po nagresign n aq sa company n pinapasukan at gusto q n umwe ung passport q ay mageexpire sa march 1, 2017 and hanggang ngaun hnd p nila binibigay passport ko anu ang gagawin q tulungan nyu po aq panu ang gagawin ko….

  42. helo po nagresign n aq sa company n pinapasukan at gusto q n umwe ung passport q ay mageexpire sa march 1, 2017 and hanggang ngaun hnd p nila binibigay passport ko anu ang gagawin q tulungan nyu po aq panu ang gagawin ko….

    • Hi Kelan ka po uuwi? kasi if sa pinas ka naman uuwi iaallow naman nila na makauwi ka before na mageexpire na passport mo. Sa pinas ka nalang mgrenew. Pero kung uuwi ka after March 1, baka kelangan mo mgrenew na dito at magpaextend. Try mo tawagan ang embassy at sabihin mo ung situation mo. Thanks!

  43. Hello Jinkay, I am a New York resident and I just recently found out that my boss booked me a ticket to Hong Kong on March 1 2017 but my passport expired Feb. 1 2017. I immediately went to the NY embassy and applied for a new passport but will receive it on May pa. So they agreed to extend the expiration of my passport to Feb 1, 2018 and stamped it at the back. I just wanted to know your experience with yours. Did the immigration give you a hard time when you got to Genting? Im just really scared that maybe when I get to Hong Kong, they wont let me in and deport me back to US thus my boss killing me. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Jeos! I didn’t have a hard time at all. As long as the passport extension is valid for more than 6 months then it will serve as your valid passport. Just check that the stamp is in the front part (the ammendment(s) page) and not the back 🙂
      Hope this helps.

  44. hi dear ! my passport expires in February, and I am planning to go on vacation in early March. I have already made an appointment to renew my passport in late January. Is it confirmed that I can extend my passport, without any trouble, if I have a flight ticket? I am afraid of booking my tickets, and not being able to go in the end.

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