Happy New Year!


Hello! Okay so this is probably so late, plus I am so ashamed that I wasn’t able to continue with my 30 day challenge.. I guess the most possible explanation I could give was that i was… lazy. Haha. Couldn’t get any more truthful than that. 2013 has been a very complicated year, but one thing is for sure, things are just going to get better and better this year. ย I have been through a lot last year that I am amazed that I am still standing, strong and feeling blessed more than ever. And yes, I’m getting teary eyed just typing this but so what. haha.

I just came back from a solo trip to Bali and will be writing about it sooooon (fingers crossed I won’t get too lazy for that). ย ๐Ÿ˜€

Til then!




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