Love Sculpture

Love Sculpture

I’ve seen a similar sculpture in a friend’s FB account before, she was in the states then so I figured that the statue can only be found in the US.  I filed in the back of my head that if I ever get the chance to go to NYC, I would make it a point to have my photo taken near the Love sculpture.  So 2 weeks ago, when my cousin came to Singapore for a holiday, she asked me where this place was because apparently there is a Love statue there, and I got a bit excited to have a chance to see one up close, and have a photo taken with it (i’m camera shy that way, haha).

LOVE is an iconic Pop Art image by American artist Robert Indiana. It consists of the letters LO over the letters VE; the O is canted sideways so that its oblong negative space creates a line leading to the V. The original image, with green and blue spaces backing red lettering, served as a print image for a Museum of Modern Art Christmas card in 1964. In much this same form the design soon graced a popular US postage stamp. Its original rendering in sculpture was made in 1970 and is displayed in Indiana at theIndianapolis Museum of Art. The material is COR-TEN steel Indiana’s LOVE design has since been reproduced in a variety of formats for rendering in displays around the world. (

The photo posted above was taken in its location in the courtyard of Lanson Place Residences near Somerset MRT.  The list of Love sculptures around the world can be found in this link.

Okay I really have to start on my Bali post. Sooooon 🙂




2 thoughts on “Love Sculpture

    • Hello! Yes its possible to walk from Somerset Mrt. Just walk to the direction of orchard central, go all the way to Penang Road. When you see Lanson Residences just go behind the Irish pub, you can find the sculpture therw.

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