The Chronicles of Korea – Trick Eye Museum and Exploring the Han River

Trick Eye Museum is an art gallery that uses a special technique to make 2D paintings give the illusion of 3D.  It’s interactive in a way that makes people be a part of the art pieces.  It is conveniently located in Hongdae, near the Hongik University from which it was named after, at the 2nd basement floor of the Homi-hwabang building.

How to go:

Take Subway Line 2 to Hongik University Station and exit through exit 9. Walk straight and turn left on the street before Hotel Seokyo. The Museum is around the area behind the hotel.

The entrance fee to Trick Eye Museum is 15,000 Won, which includes the entrance also to Ice Museum. I didn’t want to go to the Ice Museum but apparently there is no option to buy tickets for just the Trick Eye Museum.


P1010199 P1010209 P1010212 P1010213 P1010215 P1010306 P1010302 P1010296 P1010295 P1010294 P1010217

After going through the house of mirrors (no photo, sorry), we exited the Museum and left the building to look for a restaurant as it was lunchtime and all of us were starving. Alas, there are alot of bbq buffet shops around Hongdae, and while we had the best Samgyeopsal in Hongdae from the previous night, the one we found is not so bad. Hey, you can never go wrong with bbq. Seriously, those bacon strips will be the death of me. haha. And since we were all too busy eating, nobody bothered to take a photo. The lunch buffet price is 11,000 Won (~S$13 or Php 470) per person.  And with all that meat we all ate, plus the other dishes they served, this was a good deal, try finding one in Singapore with that price and get back to me. 😀

So after that sumptuous lunch I felt the symptoms of my PMS kicking in, add to that the cold weather which made it more unbearable, so in the end I skipped the Ice Museum. I waited in the Santorini cafe/lobby while the rest of my family went in. Thank God for heat packs! I was able to go through the rest of the day with the help of a few of those in my tummy area. Anyways, after the Ice Museum, we went back to the subway to take the train to Yeouinaru station (line 5) and exit through exit 2 to reach the Hangang Park located by Hangang River.

Another famous landmark in Seoul, the Hangang Park is composed of 12 districts and can be accessed by a few subway stations. We were tempted to rent a bike but alas we didn’t, the wind was too cold, and we were doubtful that we could last long for a bike ride. There was a platform where we just took a few pictures of the skyline and the river and the bridge. It must be a magnificent sight at night with the lights. Definitely someday!

the trees and 2 hearts <3

the trees and 2 hearts ❤


Yeouinaru Station

P1010359 P1010360 P1010364 P1010366 P1010372

Afterwards we just went back to the hostel. In the evening, me and my sisters went to try and experience the Jimjilbang or bath house, but that deserves a separate post.

Til then!


Jinkay 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Korea – Trick Eye Museum and Exploring the Han River

  1. Babe! I’m finally here! Where’s your previous theme? I liked that better! And I think you should use bigger images… so I can see the museum photos better! Haha! 😉

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