Puerto Princesa – Day Tour

We reached Puerto Princesa from El Nido at around 2:00 pm and we still had a few hours to spare before our flight back to Manila. (Note: from the ticket we thought our flight was 6:50 pm, only to realize a bit too late that it was moved to 8:00 pm and it was declared on our boarding pass when we did the early web check-in. We could have done so much more in 2 hrs, Lol). But first, we had to eat lunch. Unfortunately, Kalui and Kinabuchs won’t be open until around 6 in the evening, so we asked the driver where we can have a good lunch and he dropped us at Ugong Rock Grill & Bar.  The food was great and satisfying enough for our hungry tummies after a 5 hour drive from El Nido. From there we found a tricycle driver who were offering to take us around the city. So while eating, we decided on which places we can visit that can be squeezed in to the 3 hours free time we have. Tourism accredited tricycles (normally painted in white and blue) have a fixed rate of Php 600 (good for 4 persons), and would already cover a lot of the popular tourist attractions in Puerto Princesa. Initially we only wanted to go to Baker’s Hill, but upon discussion with our driver, we found out that some of the places are located within short distance of one another so finally we were set: Crocodile Farm, Baker’s Hill, Mitra Ranch and the Souvenir shop (for Pasalubong). See my previous post here and here. 🙂 Crocodile Farm About 20 minutes away from the airport, the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, most commonly known by the locals as ‘Crocodile Farm’ is both a tourist attraction and research facility dedicated to crocodiles. Crocodiles from young to old can be seen here. They also sell crocodile sisig if you are keen on eating it. One highlight of our visit here is being able to carry a small crocodile for photo taking.




would you dare to hold this little fella?

Mitra Ranch A short distance away from the crocodile farm is the Rancho Santa Monica or popularly known as Mitra Ranch. This place is owned by the family of the late Senator Ramon Mitra. There is no entrance fee, although if you want to go to the view deck and look around inside the house there is a fee of 10Php. The view from the grounds is sufficient enough. It’s a nice place to gather and just sit around in the grass and relax. From there you can see Honda Bay (well, at least that’s what they claim, I didn’t see anything haha).

view from Mitra Ranch

view from Mitra Ranch

inside Mitras house

inside Mitra’s house

Baker’s Hill Baker’s Hill is another tourist destination in Sta Monica, just a few minutes away from Mitra Ranch, and is popular for the bakery goods one can buy as pasalubong (homecoming gift) such as cookies, crinkles, hopia, and a lot more confectionery items. What started out as a simple bakery has been extended into a mini park, with nice landscaping and a lot of statues/figures perfect for camera-addicts. They also have a viewing deck, with a similar view as the one you can see from Mitra Ranch. Inside there are also a few stalls for drinks, food, and even souvenir shirts. 20140809_164759

the famous baker boy

the famous baker boy

ogre family hahaha

ogre family hahaha



After the Baker’s Hill, we asked the driver to bring us to the souvenir shop to buy things to bring home (shirts, bracelets, necklaces, pouch and wallets, etc.).  Then we had to rush back to airport because it was nearing 6pm already. We waited for 2hours in the airport because of the ETD mix-up, but it was good as well, since we were able to rest while leeching in the airport’s WIFI, lol. That’s it. I do hope to be able to return to Puerto Princesa for the famous Underground River and Honda Bay. Until then!   Toodles! XOXO, Jinkay ❤


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