Japan Diaries: Tokyo DisneySea

I love theme parks! And I love Disney. I have been to DisneyLand HK for 3 times, and I would still go again if given the chance. Now there are several Disney Land theme park around the world, but there is only one DisneySea existing at the moment, and it’s found in Japan. Among our group, only XP was the one who hasn’t been to any DisneyLand and so in the end we decided to go for DisneySea.

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DisneySea is part of the Tokyo Disney Resort located in Chiba, Japan, just outside Tokyo. It is situated near Tokyo Bay and is accessible by the JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo station. We took the JR Keiyo Line towards Nishi-Funabasi and alighted at Maihama Station. Then we walked towards the Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Center and took the Disney train to DisneySea (260 JPY).


Gloomy and cold day for DisneySea…

While we were in the Disney train, we saw the huge crowd coming into Disneyland and we were a bit worried that we would see the same crowd in Disneysea. Thankfully, the crowd there was much much less than Disneyland. Disneysea is the last stop for the train before heading back to the Welcome center. The moment we stepped out of the train, we were in for a big surprise. It was super duper cold! For the past few days we experienced a breezy but sunny weather in Japan so we relaxed a bit with our clothing choices. Needless to say we were all underdressed for the day. However, we didn’t let this stop us from enjoying this theme park.


Admission fee: 6900 JPY (S$ 71; 2364Php)

This 176-acre fantasy theme park is inspired by the myths and legends of the sea and is made up of seven themed ports of call: Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront. While Disneysea is suitable for all ages, it seemed to appeal to a more grown up audience. Also, you won’t find your typical Disney characters in here although you’ll see them all in the Fantasmic Night Parade but it’s not all Mickey and Minnie, Pluto and Donald but more of The Incredibles, Aladin, Sinbad, Ariel, and Aladin’s nemesis, Jafar with his sidekick Abu.

While the scenery in each of the themed ports can take you to a whole new world (see what I did there? :D), the rides were our main priority. One unique feature of Disneysea (and Disneyland Tokyo) is the Fast Pass. Other theme parks have those express pass that you can buy alongside the entrance ticket that would allow you to overtake those long queues to famous ride attractions. Fast Pass does the same but with one amazing feature, it’s free! Just use your entrance ticket and have it scanned in one of the machines and it will print a pass for you for that particular ride. The pass indicates the date and time frame on which you can use the pass, and you cannot get a new pass if your current pass time is not up. For most of the top rides we got a fastpass and while waiting for the time for the ticket to be valid, we would go to another ride with fewer people queueing. Okay, I hope that’s not confusing :D.

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For first timers in DisneySea, it’s definitely good to try all the rides. The first thing we did when we entered the park (after taking some photo in the Mediterranean Harbor of course) was to get a Fast Pass for Journey to the Center of the Earth ride. The pass won’t be valid for at least an hour and a half so we headed to the Mermaid Lagoon to watch King Triton’s Concert which was pretty amazing. Imagine Little Mermaid singing while somersaulting above us with Sebastian and Flounder singing along with her. I would love to take a photo but there was a no photo sign and surprisingly, not a single soul tried to take out cameras while the show was going on. We also took a kiddie Jelly fish ride before we returned to the Mysterious Island for our JTTCOE ride.

The JTTCOE ride was, as expected, amazing! It was an indoor rollercoaster although at some point, the ride looped outside the mountain and back to darkness again.

After the hype of that ride, we went to the Lost River Delta port to get a Fast Pass for the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. While waiting, we headed to the Arabian Coast to watch the show on The Magic Lamp Theater, a blend of live actors and a 3D movie, this magic show within a show gives us Aladdin’s Genie helping an apprentice get his revenge against a nasty sorcerer. After TMLT, we saw Abu and was able to take a photo with him before we went back to Indiana Jones.

The IJA:TOTCS ride is also another indoor rollercoaster into the darkness, this time to take a temple tour only to encounter the Crystal Skull’s anger.  Afterwards we headed back to Arabian Coast for a ride on Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage which is a ride suited for kids but still enjoyable. It’s similar to It’s a Small World Ride in Disneyland and will take you Sinbad’s journey in search of greatest treasure of all. The next attraction we went to was the Storm Rider to get a fast pass but we gave it up because it was at this point that Babe lost her ticket and was not able to get another pass (although in the end we were still able to ride the Storm Rider).  We still tried to check if there were rides with shorter queues but when we reached the American Waterfront with 2 top rides: Toy Story and Tower of Terror, the waiting time for both is more than 100 minutes so we decided to skip it.

From this point on we were all tired and cold and were keen to go to every souvenir shop just to take refuge from the cold but we still wanted to stay and wait for the Night Parade. I must say, if you plan on skipping the Parade, think again. It’s like the Fireworks in Disneyland, you can’t not wait and watch it because it’s part of the Disney experience. Anyways, even if it was very cold, we still enjoyed the Fantasmic Night Parade and Colors of Christmas. The moment the last show ended, it started to rain and it was a bit chaotic with people herding towards the exit and into the Disney train. And though we were suffering from being underdressed in the cold all day, we still enjoyed this theme park. Wouldn’t mind going there again. 🙂


Night Parade


Night Parade

That’s the end of our Tokyo Adventure.

‘Til then. Toodles!


Jinkay ❤


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