Hi, I’m Jinky.

Welcome to my world!

I’m a crazy, simple, loving, sweet, and loud girl currently living and working in Singapore.

I love kids. I love coffee. I love nature.

I like the color pink. And blue. And purple. Okay I like colorful stuff.

I love and hate being alone sometimes.

I am a sucker for epic love stories. (which is probably why I love watching chick flicks)

I once played for a musical theater production (in Singapore) as part of the band (I play keyboard, though not professionally ;))

I like trying out new restaurants, and sampling out new foods.

I looove eating… I absolutely love Chicken Rice and Hokkien Mee!

I enjoy zumba and kickboxing, because I am a frustrated dancer.

I have yet to learn how to swim. (Update: now attending swimming lessons. woohooo!)

I love travelling. I often get elated just thinking of an upcoming adventure.

sembawang park

at Sembawang Park


This blog is all about me. Haha. Well, most of the time. It’s one of the ways I can clear my head when my thoughts go haywire. I’ve learned the hard way that social media is destructive to relationships.  I try as much as possible to convey my travel experiences for it to be helpful for others, and it also saves me a lot of energy in answering questions my friends ask me about my trip :D.  I also like to put random stuff here, like music videos and love quotes, and my sentiments.

If you’ve reached reading this part, thank you. Haha. Thanks for reading through this boring description. I don’t have the talent in describing things, much more myself. If anything, feel free to contact me.


God bless you!



Jinkay ♥




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