Hongkong.. the 3rd time around

July 24-26, 2015

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a busy couple of months, and I’m not complaining :).

Last July, I was able to travel back to Hongkong (my 3rd time!) and of course go to Disneyland (more on that later). But the main purpose was to do a mission trip, which is to offer our support the FILCS (Filipino Cornerstone) branch in Hong Kong.  I was also very blessed to be going there with one of our team Pastors and his family. I’ve always wanted to go back to these theme parks with my future kids, so I got a glimpse of that with my pastor’s kids. Anyways, this post is mostly to offer travel tips to first-timers in Hong Kong so here we go.

Money Exchange

I did my money exchange in Changi airport before I left. 1 Singapore dollar is equivalent to approximately 5.4 Hong Kong dollars. In the case of SGD and HKD, it is advisable to do exchange from your departure point rather than do it in the country of destination. If you forgot to have your currency exchanged before boarding your plane, there will also be currency exchange counters in HKIA so no need to worry.


Once I’ve finished with the immigration process and got my baggage, I went to the Customer Information Desk to buy my Octopus Card. I paid $150 for the Octopus card for adult, which is $50 deposit and an initial load of $100.  The balance that will show every time you use it is actually the balance left from the 100 dollars and you can top-up at any MTR stations and also in convenient stores. You will need to top-up because one-way fare from the airport to Tsing Yi station is already $60. If at the end of your stay you still have money left, you can return the card to the Information Desks at the airport and they will return the balance plus the $50 deposit for the card. Take note that there is also the Airport Express Travel Pass that is unlimited for train rides that the airport personnel recommends to tourists but I don’t recommend it as it doesn’t cover Bus and Tram rides. You can use the Octopus card for any transportation as well as to pay for your items in some convenience stores.

Octopus Card

Octopus Card

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