Bagan, for the first time

Hiyah! I apologize for the lack of updates, I know I still have a looot of pending posts but can’t seem to find the time (or motivation) to write them. So for now I am posting this in behalf of my sister, J-anne (my guest blogger; follow her Instagram account) about her (mis)adventures in Bagan, Myanmar.


Sunrise and hot air balloons


Part 1: Getting there

I booked my Yangon plane tickets from Bangkok 5 months ahead of my intended dates and reserved a room in the city via Agoda. I wanted to say that I did a lot of research and preparation beyond doing this, but I did not. I realized a week before I was set to go that the picturesque places I want to visit in Myanmar is in Bagan, which is quite a distance from Yangon. So at the last minute, I changed course and made arrangements for Bagan.

I’m a researcher in real life so my lack of research is quite embarrassing to admit, but gone are the days when my travel itineraries are planned to the last detail in Excel. I honestly thought I could just wing it when I get there – although in some ways I think I still did. I’m guest-writing in this blog so (I hope) you won’t repeat the same mistakes I did. 🙂


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