Target Shooting

I finally had a chance to try target shooting. Every time I go back home I would always schedule target shooting with one of my friends, but it always end up unfulfilled. This time around, my plans with Babe was also thwarted. That was when my sister actually remembered that my dad works in Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) and the compound has its own firing range. So I asked my dad whether he can arrange for us (me and my sisters) to use their firing range facilities.




So one early saturday morning, we made our way to the Firing Range. My dad knows the OIC there so it was hassle free. They prepared bullets (100!) for us before hand. He was actually quite surprised that we were all girls who wanted to try the range. I was feeling excited and brave at first while he took out about 5 different guns for us to just hold and get a feel of. So we took our time taking photos with us holding the guns.

Beware  (earmuffs were provided, and you can use your regular shades as eye protection)



before i got a taste of how it really was to fire a gun

before i got a taste of how it really was to fire a gun

choose your weapon

choose your weapon

After all that photo op, it was time to actually start shooting! It is important to wear eye and ear protection while shooting. The ear phones were provided by them while you can use your regular shades as eye protection. The instructor first let me try the .45 caliber pistol (the one I was holding on my right hand from the photo above). Β I was so hyped that I didn’t get to ask what the gun was actually called. Anyways, he told me how to hold the gun properly, first by putting my right hand (I’m right-handed) with my trigger finger safely on top of the trigger (I actually used my middle finger to pull the trigger since my index finger is bent), then putting my left hand on the other side of the butt with my 4 fingers on top of my right hand fingers. My right thumb placed on the other side of the butt also, and is the one to Β pull or push the pin for the hammer. The right hand should push the gun forward while the left hand should pull it in for balance. He also told me the proper firing stance, with my left foot slightly in front and my weight a bit forward. He put one bullet first in the magazine and told me to pull back the hammer and shoot at the target. That first shot was sooooo loud.


Video of the shooting can be seen in my FB post here.

That was when I finally realized why guns are dangerous. After a few more single bullet tries, he finally gave me a magazine full of bullets and told me to fire continuously. It was scary but exhilarating at the same time. And firing the gun really requires a lot of concentration, you have to firmly grip the gun against the recoil and be mindful of your surroundings as well. Β The sound of it was so loud that without the earphones I can actually feel some reaction in my bones, like a tingling sensation. After the one round we went near the target and my instructor actually told me that I was good since all my bullets were right on target :).

the target

the target and the middle finger on the trigger

firing stance

firing stance

On my second time to shoot the instructor gave me a Thompson submachine gun. It uses the same bullets as the .45 pistol. It was long and the handles are made of wood, and it was sooo heavy. Given that, I actually prefer the Thompson gun over the pistol since it was easier to use and there was no recoil, plus the sound is more silenced and not to the bones. Haha.. If you push the trigger and actually hold on it the shots would be continuous, like a machine gun. We all took turns with the thompson gun, even my dad joined in, until we finished all the 100 bullets.Β 

using the Thompson submachine gun

using the Thompson submachine gun

Since the instructor was my dad’s friend, we paid for the bullets and also just a little extra for their time. I know for a fact that this firing range is actually being used by PLMun’s (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa) BS Criminology students. I’ve read online that there is a certain group of gun enthusiasts who conducts a short course on Introduction to Guns on this firing range. Aside from NBP firing range, there are a few indoor range that offer the same kind of services, although I could only imagine the noise inside an indoor range. After all the shooting is done, I went back home feeling quite satisfied with myself. Hahaha. Definitely one check off my list. Who knows, I might actually make this a habit. πŸ™‚


Til then!


Jinkay ❀